Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Development

Build a better Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) model to fuel efficient growth

We help B2B companies build Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) models that drive the entire GTM engine. Having a deep understanding of who your best customers and prospects truly are, as well as how many of them there are, enables more efficient prospect targeting. 

Knowing how your ICP and best fit segments fits into the broader market also ensures that product and expansion strategies are focused on areas that will drive business growth.  
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ICP Definition helps you:

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Focus your sales effort against your most
valuable prospects
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Deliver value-driven messaging aligned with core buyer needs
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Fuel more efficient ABM/ABX plays
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Develop a strategic product roadmap based on market opportunities
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Enable “spear-fishing” campaigns targeting
best-fit segments
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Accelerate efficient growth

Defining your ICP starts with a better understanding of the Market

Our 'software plus expert' approach enables B2B companies to size their market, a key input in market opportunity analysis, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches. We use the same core elements for every project, tailored to your unique business and market.
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Proven Framework

We use the same frameworks and techniques as leading consulting firms, designed to be clear, easy to follow, and customized to your business. We offer one of our frameworks as a free download, so you can try it for yourself.
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Reliable Data

We source our data from national agencies, ensuring every business is counted, then layer in proprietary data modeling to better fit the current market. Wherever possible, we triangulate from multiple sources for added reliability.
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Action Oriented

You don't have time for another research report that simply sits on a shelf. Our work will help you answer real questions about the market, and give you the data-driven insights you need to move your business forward.

Build a foundation with Scalepath

Understanding your total addressable market is critical to understand your market opportunity.
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Go-to-market strategy

Build your strategy by understanding the ideal verticals, geos, and channels in your total market opportunity
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New market entry

Compare opportunities and gain confidence in your approach before entering any new market.
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Raising capital

Communicate your TAM, SAM, and SOM to investors with a credible bottom’s up approach
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You can do it. Scalepath can help.

Getting a real view of your market used to mean either weeks of messy spreadsheets and questionable data sources, or contracting it out to expensive consultants. Not anymore.

Our 'software + expert' approach enables you to understand your market dynamics and make better, faster decisions backed by real data.
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Start with a market sizing workshop to identify the customers in your TAM and your revenue model
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Build a custom market model, segmented by market opportunity, revenue, company size, geo, and more
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Access our team of market sizing experts at any time
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Goodbye market mystery. Hello market science.

Transform your TAM model from a static, point-in-time view, into a true decision support platform that helps drive better decision making. Let's get started.
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