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At Scalepath, we believe B2B companies grow smarter when they have a deep understanding of their market size, growth dynamics, and best opportunities to capture new revenue.

We're on a mission to help organizations achieve more by enabling better market decisions, faster.
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B2B market sizing shouldn't be so hard

Let's face it: B2B market sizing stinks.

Understanding your market size, growth dynamics, and ideal market opportunities is critical to growth. But building something reliable is messy, complicated, and rarely done well.

We thought someone should change that.

We built Scalepath after helping companies identify and enter new markets, raise investment capital, and prepare to IPO. We found there's a similar process, framework, and core data required for every project. But most companies either spend weeks muddling through it themselves or hire a pricey consultant to deliver a report that's geared to one audience—and useless for everyone else.

Scalepath takes a different approach.

What if you could enter details about your target market and revenue model, and software could tap into massive, reliable global data sets to build a TAM model for you?

Further, what if you could see the market you can actually service (SAM) and obtain (SOM), and segment by business size, vertical, and geo?
It would be market sizing that doesn't stink.

Our approach drastically cuts the cost and complexity of market sizing and segmentation, while providing new insights that aren't possible doing it the old way.

We help B2B companies apply massive data sets to their unique context. This helps to better understand their market, share those insights with others, and take action confidently, based on that insight.

It's easy and actually usable.

So whether you're building a growth narrative for a funding round, determining go-to-market strategy, or identifying sales territories and key accounts, you're working from the same understanding of the market.

No more sketchy black-box market research reports, messy spreadsheets, and months-long processes to deliver something that sits on a shelf.  

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Startup to IPO: we've been there.

How big is this market? (No, not that part–the part that's relevant to us!) Is it large enough to hit our growth goals?We have some customers in a few other countries and verticals–which opportunities should we pursue? Are we listening to the right customers?

We started Scalepath because of the challenges faced answering key market questions like these at past companies and clients, and the clarity and impact when we got them right.

Our team has experience doing market sizing for B2B companies with $1 to $500 million in revenue. These included self-funded startups through to growth-stage VC-backed and PE-owned firms prepping to IPO. Our work has enabled companies to enter new countries, tackle new verticals, and raise $10s of millions in capital.

We've taken everything we've learned to build Scalepath. It's the tool we wish we had years ago.
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Meet the team

Ryan Detwiller
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Ryan Detwiller

Founder & CEO
Matt Iacomelli

Matt Iacomelli

Lead Data Scientist
Angela Diaco

Angela Diaco

Aaron Dun

Aaron Dun

Chief Growth Officer

Maciek Baran

Lead Developer
Brian McKenzie

Brian McKenzie


Goodbye market mystery. Hello market science.

Transform your TAM model from a static, point-in-time view, into a true decision support platform that helps drive better decision making. Let's get started.
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