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Identify and size your best market opportunities

Scalepath leverages millions of data points on real businesses to help you size your B2B market and identify your best avenues for growth. Our 'software + expert'-driven TAM analysis meets the needs of the board, investors, and executives alike. 
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Size your B2B market

Scalepath drastically reduces the cost and complexity of building accurate market sizing models. It's a single solution to define, size, and segment your market opportunities.
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Intuitive software
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Proven market sizing frameworks
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Access to millions of reliable data points
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"Scalepath was able to quickly understand our market and help develop a TAM model that we felt confident putting in front of investors for the Series B fundraise at Alyce."
-Emily Glass, COO, Alyce
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Get clear on your total addressable market

Viewing and sharing market insights specific to your organization has never been easier.
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View, edit, and share your total addressable market model in a clean web dashboard
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Export charts, graphs, and data to native PowerPoint or Excel
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Ready to use in pitch decks and go-to-market plans
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"If you’re struggling with the ‘how big is our market?’ question, you need this tool."
-Matthew Morley, CEO, Savvy (YC S18)
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Backed by market sizing experts

Scalepath helps you become your company's market sizing expert, backed by software and a team of professionals. 

We’ve helped organizations size and analyze B2B markets for successful funding rounds, new market entry, strategic planning, and IPOs–and we’re here to support you every step of the way.
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"The team at Scalepath are truly TAM ninjas."
- Aaron Dun, VP Marketing, CareAcademy
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Market analysis, custom to you

You won’t find any generic market research PDFs here. 

Scalepath starts with your business and market opportunity at the center: your customers, revenue model, and growth drivers.

We then tap into massive, trusted data sets to ensure your market model is comprehensive, reliable, and applicable to your unique market context.
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"We sized our market as well as identified opportunities for new market entry for our multinational business. This model was used across the business to make strategic decisions for years."
-Matt Richards, CMO, Datto
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Put your market strategy into action

Most market sizing projects sit on a shelf, impossible to use or keep up to date. Not Scalepath.

You’ll always have an accurate, live view of the market to track your growth and support critical decisions. 
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Build a model once, apply updates and new data as your business and the market change
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Align and map sales territories, or start building lists of ideal customers from your lead provider of choice
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Identify under-penetrated market opportunities and new growth avenues
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"Scalepath built a number of critical decision tools for us, giving us an edge as we accelerate the business."
- Aaron Dun, VP Marketing, CareAcademy
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Credible insights for critical moments

Understanding your total B2B market opportunity and best opportunities for growth is a critical for:
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Go-to-market strategy

Build your strategy by understanding the ideal verticals, geos, and channels in your total market opportunity
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New market entry

Compare opportunities and gain confidence in your approach before entering any new market.
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Raising capital

Communicate your TAM, SAM, and SOM to investors with a credible bottom’s up approach

Goodbye market mystery. Hello market science.

Transform your TAM model from a static, point-in-time view, into a true decision support platform that helps drive better decision making. Let's get started.
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