Download the Scalepath Market Sizing TAM Framework

The Scalepath Market Sizing Framework is a clear, easy-to-follow bottoms-up TAM model template. And it's FREE!

While this framework is SaaS-focused, you can adapt it to suit any B2B business. It's the very same framework we use as a foundational part of our TAM software and for our clients. It provides a structure for your TAM, SAM, and SOM model.  

In this Excel download, you'll customize your model in the following key areas:
Circle surrounding a check mark
The number of companies that fit your target market, by market vertical and company size
Circle surrounding a check mark
Your unit economics to determine your average customer value by company size
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Your serviceable and obtainable market sizes—your SAM and SOM—based on limits of your business and market reach
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A Simple, free TAM, SAM, SOM template

TAM SAM SOM template with sections for Companies, Unit Economics, and Market